Criminal Case 1

A free hidden objects game that allows users to attempt to solve criminal cases

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    Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows 98 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 8.1 / Windows 2003

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    7.5 (135)

Criminal Case is a popular social media game that you can now play on your computer or on Facebook. It turns you into a police detective and asks you to find hidden objects and perform other tasks to track down criminals and solve those cases.

When you first start Criminal Case, you have the chance to name and customize your character. You can pick a male or female character and make changes to that character's hair, eye color, and even clothing. Though it limits some of those choices early on, you'll receive clothing and accessories later that you can use. You can also purchase clothing and accessories.

Each level starts out with a story relating to a recent crime. You then receive a list of items that you must find in the given level. Clicking on those items will add to your score, but clicking on the wrong things will lower your score. You must find the victim's body, murder weapons, and other evidence. Every time you find something relating to the case, you send those items to the crime lab for further investigation. It can take up to 18 hours or longer for the results to come back.

Though you have unlimited time to find those objects, later levels will limit your time. You can unlock a bonus scene that comes with dozens of objects to find in a given image. The game will give you points based on how many items you locate in the time period allowed.

Criminal Case also comes with a bonus game in each level that asks you to find the differences between two images. Some players dislike this aspect because it detracts from the hidden object theme. You must complete these levels to gain more stars that you'll use in the game.

You can score up to five stars in each game and each level includes nine games total. The stars that you get help you do research and investigations, buy energy that you can use later and unlock future levels. The game also requires that you ask for help from your friends to unlock the later levels.

Though the gore in certain levels is a little too much for some players, the game uses cut scenes and humor to tone down that gore. Criminal Case is great for anyone who loves hidden object games and detective shows and films.


  • Has an integration feature for playing on or off Facebook
  • Includes fun stories that let you investigate crimes
  • Lets you select the character you want to play as
  • Comes with lots of features for customizing the look of your character
  • Bright colors and funny scenes tone down the gruesome nature of the game


  • Takes some time to build up your energy
  • Includes a spot the difference level that detracts from the hidden object game
  • Requires that you play the same levels multiple times to unlock new levels
  • Frequently asks you to purchase items with real money
  • Requires help from friends to advance further

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